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Nuix eDiscovery

Nuix offers a suite of powerful, integrated tools to streamline the entire eDiscovery process, including legal hold, collection, processing, culling, search, first-pass review and production export. Our processing and workflow automation tools, built on the patented Nuix Engine, enable enterprises and litigation service providers to reduce the cost of eDiscovery, minimize human error and scale from small to very large matters on a single platform.

Faster data processing

The world’s fastest and most scalable technology for processing vast quantities of unstructured data, in virtually any format and location.

Workflow automation

Nuix Director streamlines your workflow with template-driven automation, reducing opportunities for error and helping you cut costs.

Defensible results

Cover all the bases with a complete audit trail and detailed client-ready reports for each stage of the eDiscovery process.

Nuix eDiscovery Workstation

The world’s most powerful technology for eDiscovery, compliance and regulatory cases

Nuix eDiscovery Workstation enables you to rapidly find critical evidence, people of interest and the documents upon which the case will turn.

Nuix eDiscovery Workstation is a complete and scalable off-the-shelf solution for processing, investigation, analysis, review and production. It can be installed anywhere, including behind a company firewall and in the cloud.

Nuix eDiscovery Workstation directly indexes virtually all forms of unstructured information, in any language. It can process complex proprietary formats such as Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, webmail and forensic images. Nuix technology identifies and makes searchable the information other software routinely skips.

Nuix eDiscovery Workstation is quick to deploy and rapidly processes and analyzes data in a way that is forensically preserved and defensible. It is simple to use and its graphical displays show clearly who communicated what, to whom and when. It exports to all major review platforms including Nuix eDiscovery Reviewer and kCura Relativity.

Nuix eDiscovery Workstation incorporates all Nuix’s advanced capabilities—including predictive coding—in one license price and can scale to meet the most demanding case loads. The patented Nuix Engine delivers near-linear scalability—simply add processors to index more data faster.


Speed and accuracy

Find evidence quickly and accurately thanks to the world’s most advanced eDiscovery platform.

Quick to deploy, simple to use

Install the software, set up a case and process data quickly.

Secure access for remote reviewers

Provide secure remote access and graphical reports of data for staff, clients and reviewers.

Supreme scalability

License as many processors as you need to meet your case size and timeframe requirements.

Product Features

  • Processes text, metadata, images and binary data faster than any technology on the market
  • Extracts data from hard drives, flash memory, smartphones, file shares, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint and common forensic images
  • Exports into all major legal export formats and review platforms, including Nuix subcases, Nuix eDiscovery Reviewer and deep integration with kCura Relativity
  • Includes predictive coding technology at no extra cost
  • Provides powerful deduplication and near-duplicate management to simplify searching and minimize data sets
  • Intuitive email-like interface makes it easy to investigate, analyze and review content
  • Interactive graphical displays enable reviewers to drill down to the most pertinent information quickly

Nuix Director

Template-driven, web-based eDiscovery workflow automation

Nuix Director is a web application that empowers eDiscovery analysts and technicians to complete eDiscovery tasks much faster than before. It harnesses the power of the Nuix Engine into highly automated workflows that deliver consistent, repeatable, and defensible results.

Nuix Director features an easy-to-read, interactive dashboard that gives users access to template-driven workflows and customer-ready reports for all stages of the eDiscovery process.

  • Web application. Provide an easy-to-use interface without installing client software.
  • Custom workflow templates. Streamline process automation while minimizing the risk of human error.
  • Comprehensive, customer ready reports. Summarize every aspect of your eDiscovery workflow for customers, partners and the court.
  • Easy-to-read interactive dashboard. View your entire eDiscovery project status in real time.
Nuix Director

Nuix Web Review & Analytics

Collaborate online for faster results

Get to your case position faster with Nuix Web Review & Analytics.

This powerful web application delivers fast, collaborative eDiscovery review and true early case assessment from any web browser. It provides secure and compartmentalized access to case data for multiple reviewers, lawyers, subject matter experts and external parties—and it rapidly scales to tens or hundreds of reviewers per case, with no complex databases or tricky client plugins to install.

Nuix Web Review & Analytics offers:

  • Easy access for non-technical reviewers
  • A design ideal for virtual server and cloud computing environments
  • Flexible group and user access controls
  • Advanced search and filtering options
  • A deduplicated image gallery with video previews and multiple filtering options
  • Seamless integration with Nuix eDiscovery and Nuix Director
Nuix Web Review

Rapidly review images and video files with a deduplicated gallery view.

Nuix Web Review & Analytics makes it easy to slice, dice and visualize data so you can quickly identify trends, locate information of interest and drill down to specifics. You can run multiple visualizations concurrently in separate browser windows, with all results list updating dynamically as you dig deeper into your data. Visualization options include:

  • Top types
  • Pivot
  • Date trending
  • Timeline
  • Communication network
  • Commonality network
  • Intersection
  • Shingle and word lists
Nuix Web Review

Use multiple visualizations at once, with all windows and result sets updating dynamically as you go.

Nuix Collector

Nuix Collector

Nuix provides a range of powerful, easy to use and forensically-sound ways to gather digital evidence. You can collect data from a large variety of sources, including laptops, desktops and enterprise file shares, as well as difficult-to-access repositories such as Microsoft SharePoint databases.

Nuix fast and flexible collection technologies include the Nuix Collector Suite, which comprises three tailored tools you can use independently or together to collect evidence from individual devices, across single or multiple networks and from Microsoft SharePoint sites. Nuix Collector Suite can be deployed as a simple-to-use collection module for field personnel. We also offer a full enterprise grade solution, Nuix Enterprise Collection Center, which is a powerful architecture for automating collection tasks across multiple data sources.

Nuix Legal Hold

A fast, efficient and defensible system for legal hold notification and compliance tracking.

Organizations undergoing litigation must clearly notify custodians of their duty to preserve information in a timely manner and ensure they comply with this duty.

Nuix Legal Hold helps organizations meet this duty to preserve. The system is an easy, low-cost way to issue legal hold notifications and manage custodian acknowledgements. You can quickly send a hold that fulfills a good-faith and timely approach while documenting your preservation efforts.

Nuix Legal Hold automatically records each custodian notification and compliance acknowledgement with a time stamp for a complete, defensible audit trail. You can reissue an existing hold in seconds, whenever required. The system also makes it easy to identify lack of acknowledgements and take action to resolve issues. When it is time to produce a record, you can do so with one click.

Nuix Legal Hold is offered in partnership with Zapproved's Legal Hold ProTM, a leading system for legal hold notification and compliance tracking which is used by Fortune 500 companies, leading law firms and public agencies.


A defensible, documented approach

Send preservation notices, track acknowledgements and resolve issues with a complete audit trail.

Streamline the process

Use templates to streamline the notification process and reissue existing holds in seconds.

Part of a complete workflow

Nuix Legal Hold works with Nuix Collection and eDiscovery solutions as part of a complete eDiscovery workflow.

Nothing to install

Nuix Legal Hold is a cloud application with secure, high-availability data storage. It can be up and running in minutes.

Product Features

  • Secure, highly accessible and redundant data storage
  • No software or hardware to install
  • Easy to learn – no training required
  • Affordable plans to fit organizations of every size
  • Integrates with Nuix Enterprise Collection

Nuix Contract Discovery

Identify rogue contracts stored in file shares, email and other storage locations across your organization.

Large organizations typically have many contracts that are unknown to the financial controllers because they are misplaced or hidden within file shares, email and other storage systems.

Finding, reviewing and controlling these contracts is vital for managing risk and costs. Having full knowledge of all contracts an organization has entered into is an essential part of the merger and acquisition due diligence process. However, traditional approaches to discovering and analyzing contracts use manual processing, which may be supplemented with keyword search technologies. Both are costly, time-consuming and error prone.

Take control of contracts

Nuix Contract Discovery puts the power of eDiscovery behind your contract management. Delivered in partnership with Nuix and Seal Software, this technology allows your organization to to take control of its contracts and gain real business insights.

Nuix's powerful unstructured data processing and search technology makes it possible to discover, index and extract key contractual information from documents stored in file shares, email and content management systems.

Extract intelligence

You can locate and review key contractual information such as contract type, contracting parties and start and termination dates for all known and unknown contracts. You can also identify those contracts that assign contract rights, or contain erroneous, high-risk or high-value clauses.

Nuix Contract Discovery then enables you to organize all discovered contracts into a central repository such as Dolphin Contract Manager. Deepening your organization's knowledge of contacts can deliver insights that support better business decisions.

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